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Get ready to hear about my journey of turning a hair tragedy into a beauty business. In each episode, I’ll tell stories about my past experiences, that can help entrepreneurs like you and me, navigate through adversity with faith and finesse today.


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When I first started my business, I had no clue how I would be able to afford the prices of a graphic designer, but I worked hard to pay for them by investing money from my "9-5 job", only to be disappointed by what the designer revealed after I'd paid my hard earned cash. With bills being due and a NEW business to promote, graphics that did not meet my brand expectations was a total gut punch, especially since I had deadlines to meet and I needed those graphics now.

The only choices I had were to find someone else, or try to design my own graphics myself. I chose the latter and now, I am ready to show you how simple it can be to design your brand on demand!

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Johnene McBeth - Social Media Management
Johnene McBeth - Social Media Management
Johnene McBeth - Social Media Management
Johnene McBeth - Social Media Management
Johnene McBeth - Social Media Management
Johnene McBeth - Social Media Management

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"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." - Jeff Bezos

Meet Johnene McBeth of Room University
Johnene McBeth - How to Start a Business during the pandemic.
Meet Johnene McBeth of Room University

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Meet Johnene

Her story began in 2010, as she watched her hair rinse down her dorm room drain due to a hair treatment gone wrong. That experience ignited the entrepreneur in her. Johnene McBeth is a Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, Course Creator, Graduate student, Military Spouse and Mom. She currently serves as the CEO of Jewels by Marcel, Texture + Style Co. and Room University

In founding My Natural, a student organization to educate college women about how to take care of their natural hair, she uncovered a problem in the beauty industry, natural hair product distribution. In 2013, after graduating from Winston-Salem State University, she pitched a networking event that would connect small businesses and beauty product manufacturers to their target audience to tackle the lack of access in the industry. Her pitch won and within four years, she received almost 10K in sponsorships, highlighted 100 small businesses and created a space for ten beauty product manufacturers to pitch their products. However, as successful as the events were, there was still some major hurdles with planning and venue management. In 2017, she paused the events to strategize and focus on her hair product subscription box.

Then, in 2019, it happened. She was newly engaged and hesitant about planning her wedding due to her past experiences with venues. Surprisingly, her venue of choice offered a seamless digital planning experience, which confirmed the answer to her looming frustration. Room University, a digital peer-to-peer marketplace offering exclusive access to unthinkable event spaces, was born. The mission is to elevate the power of partnership and build solid trust within communities, as they make it simple to utilize or repurpose any space, even in a pandemic.

While everything appeared to be rising up on her entrepreneurial path, postpartum depression was bringing her down. The morning routine faded away and getting dressed seemed like a thing of the past with the pandemic looming over. It was not until she put on a pair of earrings one day, that she was reminded that she needed to remove negative thoughts and focus on being present on her rare jewel, Marcel. Jewels by Marcel was born in July 2020, as an online boutique of rare fashion earrings that match your style. It now features a subscription Style Bag for jewels to be delivered monthly. If moms need a small reminder like earrings to feel close to normal again, then Jewels by Marcel will bring the style, whether you're dressed formal, professional or casual.

Speaking of style, Texture and Style Co. is connecting Texture + Tech so stay tuned for this NEW virtual experience for natural hair coming in 2021.

As her story unfolds, she keeps in mind a quote from the late Chadwick Boseman. “Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill…the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.”

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